It is time to play a little game of mine is bigger (or smaller) than yours.  We want to see who's got the biggest and smallest Christmas trees in Memphis, because to be honest, when it comes to holiday cheer, size matters. Its time to put the Griswolds to shame. 
Here is how to play:

1.   Like us on Twitter:
2.   Take a picture measuring your tree. Use a ruler, yard stick or tape measure to let us know how big or 
small it is. 
3.   Tweet us your picture at @backbeattours and use the hashtag #sizematters
4.   We will retweet your picture to let you know you have been entered. The deadline to tweet us is January 5,  2014.
5.   We will pick the biggest and smallest trees and post them right here on the blog on January 7, 2014! Each
winner will receive a $25 gift card to Home Depot.
6.   Spend your gift card to invest in more lights or a bigger tree for next year!

We are looking forward to your submissions!

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